R Trader


The brokerage company RoboMarkets Ltd operates under a trading name RoboMarkets. It is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and has developed its own platform called R Trader.

The platform is web based and runs on any modern browser. The workspace looks simplified and consists of three resizable modules. The instruments module is on the right. My watchlist and Favorites windows are here. You can add new ones from the search box or can rearrange them by dragging to a new position. The order type can be selected from the buttons above (Market, Limit, Stop). Clicking one of them opens the Trade window. You can also predefine stop loss or take profit orders here (instant execution model). You could activate the one-click trading mode, which disables the appearance of the trading window. This mode will be convenient for scalpers because it allows faster dealing. You can view the market depth (level II data) as well.

Already open positions appear in the Positions module. You can set the TP or SL price or define a trailing stop value. You can also close one or all positions at one time. Active orders, history of trades and current strategies can be displayed in the corresponding tabs. 

Charts are in the center of the workspace. They can be maximized to occupy the entire workspace or can be viewed in a single- or multi-chart mode. Timeframes start from 1 minute to 1 month (incl. tick), and chart type includes candlesticks, bars, lines, area and Heikin ashi. Nearly 30 indicators are available, arranged in four groups (Trend, Oscillators, Volumes and Volatility). Graphical objects include lines, channels, Fibonacci retracement and geometric shapes. You can customize colors of all components of the chart. The main features of the chart are available as options via the right button. Open positions and pending orders are displayed as lines in the charts. You can close or modify them by dragging the lines.

The terminal offers a kind of automated trading. There are several strategies available in the Position module. You can review them and choose which one to follow.

In general, the platform is simple and intuitive. It provides all basic functions for normal trading and advanced chart modules. Despite the ability to follow some strategies, experienced marketers would prefer MetaTrader’s expert advisors.