CMC Markets – Next Generation Platform (Updated)


The FCA authorized company CMC Markets UK PLC has developed its own web-based trading platform called ‘Next Generation’. CMC Markets claims it has designed this platform to easily analyze market data. The charting package of the ‘Next Generation Platform’ has over 115 technical indicators and drawing tools, 70 chart patterns and 12 chart types built in.

The platform starts in a default layout against a dark background. There is a menu bar on the top of the layout where the basic feature buttons are. Here you can find basic information including total margin, funds available, account balance and current profit/loss.

You can switch among two more layouts dedicated for charts and enhanced currency pairs. Customers can add a new layout or modify existing one by using the corresponding buttons in the middle of the bar. The default layout is enough for trading.

Each row of the instrument window displays the instrument name, low and high prices for the day, open and close prices for the day and sell/buy buttons with real-time prices. You can create your own watchlist with your favorite instruments from the menu in the top left corner. The corresponding chart appears when one of the instruments in the instrument window is clicked.

If you want to make a deal, you must click on the buy or sell button on the line of the desired instrument. The Order window appears, and all order settings can be made here. You can set stop loss and take profit levels before order fulfillment. CMC allows a guaranteed stop loss order to be placed. The fee you will be charged if this order is triggered is also written. We sold 10,000 EUR/USD and the smallest guaranteed stop loss order fee was GBP8.28. It depends on the stop loss level and the farther from the market price the order is placed, the higher the fee.

Open positions are displayed in the Positions window and they can be modified or closed here. Price levels of active orders are shown in the chart window. Pending orders can be modified or cancelled in the Orders tab of the position window.

The chart window is on the right and can be maximized for better view. Time periods can be chosen from 1 second to 1 month. There are plenty of chart types, drawing tools and indicators that can be selected by the corresponding icons at the bottom. An option for printing the current chart is available and chart settings can be saved as a template. There is a pattern recognition option, but it is available in live accounts only. The Reuters real-time news is also available in live account only.

A single-click trading option is also available. Once the order parameters are set in the default settings window, the position can be opened with just one click.

We believe that this is a very good web-based platform suitable for beginners as well as professionals. It has many custom features but is quite complex.