City Index – ATPro Desktop


In addition to one of the most popular trading platforms in the world – MetaTrader 4, the company GAIN Capital UK Limited provides its own, desktop terminal, called ATPro under the brand City Index.

After a quick registration, you have access to the 52 Mbytes installation file. The installation process was short and run smoothly and you can also choose a standalone version. The workspace is organized in tabs and each of them shows different features in the menu bar located below the tabs. The view mode is changed by choosing another option from the spreadsheet menu at the top right corner.

You can add new, rearrange and view different instruments in the tab Markets. The instruments window contains all the instruments available for trading. The Popular Markets is loaded by default. You can search for new instruments to add and create new watchlists and manage your workspaces. The new watchlists appear in the window below instruments. All windows can be resized, according to customer needs. 

Clicking on the instrument name opens the Create Market Order window. All order properties can be set here, including the order type (market, entry, or OCO), the direction (Buy or Sell), the quantity, and the type of stop loss order. City Index offers guaranteed stop loss orders, which must be placed at a bigger distance than the regular ones. We sold EUR/USD and the platform required above 60 pips for placing a guaranteed stop order. All the information about open positions is displayed in the Open Positions window at the bottom of the workspace. All the main features are available as context menus after right-clicking.

Chart windows are located next to the instruments window. They can be docked and unpinned, so that they can be moved everywhere in the workspace. Helping arrows make their attachment easier. 

Next to the Market tab is the Charting tab. Plenty of charting tools are available for use. Time frames can be chosen from ticks to a year. A lot of indicators can be built through the Builder menu. Orders can be filled directly from the charts.

All the account information is shown above windows and includes the net equity, the cash balance, the unrealized P/L, the total margin and the margin indicator.

A 1-Click Trading option is also available. When you turn it on a disclaimer appears and you must agree with all clauses. Then you must set all preferences of it and you are ready to make deals with just one click. This is very useful if you are a scalper. In this case the order window doesn’t appear but deals are made directly.

All the research and analysis stuff provided by the company can be found here. The My Account tab gives you access to change your account password or request a withdrawal. The Customize tab contains all the flexibility tools to change the view of the workspace. There is a tab called Automated Trading where you can build your own trading strategies.

In conclusion, we can say that this is a desktop platform that provides many useful features, but will be too complicated for beginners.