Tradeo – Cloud Trader


Tradeo is a cross-broker with cross-platform social trading network, which connects traders and brokers around the world. The service was developed to bring the forex trading community together and was launched in April 2012. Tradeo offers community sourced, global data feeds, trading analytics and real-time market sentiment. The social trading network aims at empowering traders by combining online tools with exchange of insights and transparency.

Tradeo’s ‘Cloud Trader’ platform (which is free, by the way) offers to ‘trade-follow’ – where users can follow selected trades of their friends and/or leaders in the Tradeo community, or ‘manual trading’ – which allows execution of trades/orders from any MetaTrader4 account via any mobile device. Cloud Trader’s dynamic leverage ensures that both the positions and the strategies of followed traders are copied into their follower’s account with Tradeo.