VoyaFX WebTrader


VoyaFX.com is a website for online trading where you can find an easy way to invest responsibly. VoyaFX is operated by FH Ever JSCo, which provides financial services through its EU license (BFSC is the supervisor). The company provides a legal and secure way to trade under the rigorous EU requirements. The VoyaFX platform is web-based, and you can use it through the available web browsers. In addition, there is a downloadable application for smartphones.

The workspace is designed simply and ergonomically. The main part of it is assigned to the charts. By default, they show “sell” prices in real time and can represent the price change as candles, bars, and lines. You can also switch to a “buy” price. There are 11 timeframes – from 1 minute to 1 month, including tics. Changing the number of candles is done by the “Zoom” function. The easiest way to do this is with the mouse scroll wheel, as well as with the dedicated buttons. The horizontal and vertical scales can be changed by dragging the time or price bars. You can add various graphic objects such as Fibonacci correction, trend lines and others from the “Drawings” menu. Followers of technical analysis can enjoy nearly 120 technical indicators, sorted alphabetically. There are modes with one and many charts, and they can be switched by clicking the multi-chart button next to the close button on the chart tab.

Trading instruments are on the left side and can be stowed so that the entire workspace is occupied by charts. The list of favorites can be sorted by dragging and dropping. Adding and removing is done from the + button. Next to the name of each instrument in which the client has open positions, their number is displayed. Clicking on the symbol opens a detailed trading menu.

There are two order execution models. By default, the market execution model is active. Orders are executed at the last available market price, or they are subject to slippage. The new position appears below the sell and buy buttons and stop-loss and take-profit can be attached to it. The instant execution model is activated by a separate button. Stop-loss and take-profit orders can be attached here before entering the market. Pending orders can also be placed on this section. It is worth mentioning that stop loss orders are guaranteed and will be executed at the requested price, regardless of market volatility.

All open positions can be viewed in detail and modified by clicking on the Positions tab, next to the Charts tab. In addition, the platform has a built-in economic calendar and real-time news. Past transaction reports can be found through a separate menu.

We can conclude that the platform is well organized and provides all the important trading tools for beginners and regular traders. It can be launched on any modern browser.